Marketers: This should be on your 2018 to-do list

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Dec 2017

According to a latest marketing report, it is said that the explosion in digital as well as data technology is bringing about a fundamental transformation about the way marketing happens. Marketers have the main job of understanding what their customers really want from them.

Being able to track how people move from one to the other will help with return on marketing investment, says by Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Opdyke. Marketers are worried about data confidentiality; however, with 65 % stated it as a top concern in research the organizations did with nearly 500 retail marketing executives across the globe. For many brands, advertising is not the only way to encourage folk to buy something. They want uninterrupted experiences.

Here are few steps that you must focus on in an upcoming year 2018 in order to give successful growth and high peak to your business. Mastering your marketing to-do list requires avoiding common pitfalls, but you can go even further to better organize your time and money to rise up your business.

Here’s your 2018 marketing to-do list

The preceding year, 2017 has been a roller coaster year for all types of business and it’s main responsibility of marketers to fully focus on what their consumers want among the noise of the fun fair. And thus, here is what experts suggest marketing team should concentrate on in 2018.

  • Need to close gap between what brand actually promises and what it delivers to the customers.
  • Embrace diverse thinking in all forms of business.
  • Work out on your voice strategy properly.
  • Make sure the consumers experience a brand in same way on all the devices.
  • Get your Amazon and Alibaba advertisement strategy right.
  • Sort out the frauds.
  • You must think out of the content box.