Mitsubishi to Re-Launch Montero SUV

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Nov 2017

Mitsubishi Motors is all set to re-introduce the Montero SUV in India after discontinuing the model a couple of years ago. The Japanese car maker has listed the Montero on its Indian market and has also opened bookings for the same.

Mitsubishi Motors is well-known brand in India for it’s products such as the Cedia, Lancer and Pajero. All of these products were manufactured in huge numbers and soon became an ideal icon in their respective segments.

However, the competition increased, Mitsubishi products has observed a considerable down fall. And thus, things are to be on the brighter side for Mitsubishi products. Because the brand is planning to re-enter in the Indian car market, curtsey its new owner, Nissan.

Mitsubishi to Re-Launch Montero SUV in Indian market

At the ongoing 2017 Geneva Motor Show, chairman of Renault Nissan Alliance, Carlos Ghosn told that “a few days remaining for Mitsubishi to make its re-entry in the Indian car market. It is going to be bang for sure.”

The Renault Nissan alliance has launched numerous small cars in the Indian car industry. And through which a number have been doing quite well. The company is looking forward for the same scenario when it launches the Mitsubishi brand in India too.

Recently on sale cars for Mitsubishi includes Pajero Sport and Montero SUV. Both these cars are priced in the premium part of the spectrum. Hence it not mass market products that are responsible to increase revenue.

While re-launching through Mitsubishi, Nissan could look at the offering a few of mass market products in the hatchback or sedan segments. It can definitely offer a tough competition to all the existing rivals. The cars with which Mitsubishi could make its entry in Indian market could be the next generation Lancer sedan. It is currently under development XM crossover MPV.