The new pathway for Open Source


On: Dec 2018

As hoped by many early age developers, Linux and open source business model have turned into being far different than their expectations. The growth cycle of both Linux and open source business model has been a series of milestones.


Although the Linux-powered technology has found its way into the internet and has been ruling the cloud and IoT deployments, Linux has a long way to go when it comes to the majority of computers of enterprise and consumers. When compared with each other, both of them as in Linux and Open source licensing has been dominating the internet in the same proportion.


To provide better support to their customers and enterprise users, Windows 10 has been upgrading and finding for better solutions. They have already struggled with deployment and are taking all possible steps to give their users a better experience.


Comparatively, Linux is a rigorous operating system, but it never gained popularity among users and enterprises as it has many open source code vulnerabilities and compatibility issues than Windows. As Windows has earned name among users for computers, the Linux-based open-source Android is a highly popular and used platform for mobile phones. Windows also came into the market for mobiles but couldn't survive in front of Android.