Paris Is The New Choice

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Nov 2017

On the backdrop of the steps taken by the president of France to boost the foreign investment, and create a positive impact on the mind of investors, big banking giant like Citigroup and fast-food organisation like KFC  are entering the French market.

All these changes are due to the upcoming exist of Britain from EU. Once Britain is out of EU by the year 2019, firms operating in UK would be facing a dilemma.

Other cities and countries of EU apart from UK, are trying to woo the companies on their land with a hope that these companies would bring many employment opportunities and money in their market.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports reflect the same mood. As per the report, U.S. companies are showing more interest in French economy when it comes o Europe.

Paris is one of the few cities in Europe which has London like economic environment and culture.