President planning to meet state attorneys generals


On: Sep 2020

The United States president Donald Trump is planning to meet on Wednesday with a team of Republican state attorneys general about revising a major legislation that support social media firms from responsibility for content posted by their users and permit them to eliminate lawful but improper posts. The White House spokesman Judd Deere said that the online censorship moves beyond the problem of free speech, and it is also one of securing consumers and assuring they are notified of their rights as well as resources to battle back under the legislation.

He also said that the Republican state attorneys general are on the initial phase of this problem and the US president Donald Trump seeks to hear their approaches. American president is anticipated to meet with the Republican state attorneys general of Utah, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Arizona. 

In the month of May, Mr. Trump signed an executive order that wants newer regulatory supervision of content restraint decisions of technology companies and supported law to remove or weaken the legislation, Section 230. He advised the Commerce Department to file the request urging the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to restrict securities under Section 230 just after Twitter recommended readers in May to check out his posts related to unauthorized claims of cheating in mail-in voting.

Earlier this month, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana and Indiana supported push of Donald Trump, blaming social media platforms cannot be free except the participants understand the regulations of the forum and competition is able to offer alternatives when speech limitations go too far. A group indicating vital internet firms involving Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet Inc’s Google urged the FCC to cancel the request, calling it unfounded, deficiencies grounding in legislation and poses public policy concerns.