Before privatization, clear our debts, Air India pilots to government

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

A unit of Air India employees today raised queries the government to clean their salary debts previously the airline is officially privatized. The Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association (ICPA) wrote a letter to Civil Aviation Minister A Gajapati Raju. The letter was for asking the free of their “illegally suspended 25 percent flying permits and connected permits before privatization”. The national transporter had resorted to salary deduction in 2012 for its workers as part of its rotate plan. Since then, debts have been building up even as sure section of workers agreed adjusted pay scales.

The letter by the pilot's unit comes in the backdrop of the Union Cabinet accepting prioritization of Air India and hiring a troop of ministers to chalk out the upcoming subject of act for the airline. This is which is loading with a debt of Rs 48,876.81 crore as on 31st March. “We make a poor demand to the government to create orders for freeing of our illegally withdrawal of 25 percent flying permits and connected permits before privatization so that the new organization can start with clean and clear commercial statements,” says the ICPA letter.

The ICPA, which blames to have 1,000 plus of members, represents the pilots of narrow bodied crafts of Air India. The debts to be charging to the 27,000 odd unit of Air India that involves pilots and cabin group are assumes to be approximately Rs 1,200 crore. Out of the entire amount, around Rs 400 crore is because of pilots, according to a senior in-charge.

The unit, however, said that they were not opposite to the rule of privatization percent. “We are not disinclined to the rule of the government as we are sure that the government will give action of storing it in thoughts the best notice of the airline which has flying for the nation for several years,” the statements as per the letter.

Scaring about the loss of service, other workers’ units of Air India have cautioned of big scale objection if the government went towards with privatization of the airline. Raju, in a current interaction to PTI, had said that he assumes workers would still steadily work even after privatization due to their technical knowledge. This might support the government to make a perfect decision for pilots as well as privatizes. Hence the employees are eager to hear the decision of Justice to be in their favor.