Publishing list of different companies with military ties


On: Dec 2020

The administration of Donald Trump released a list of Chinese as well as Russian firms along with a list of Chinese as well as Russian firms with claimed military ties that limit them from acquiring a wide set of goods and technology of the United States. Recently, it is reported that previous month the American Department of Commerce documented a list of different companies that it connected to the Chinese or Russian military.

The final list of companies does not contain Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) or the Arrow Electronics which is the subsidiaries of Hong Kong’s Colorado and Texas-driven TTI, a Hathaway electronics distributor of Berkshire. However, Aircraft Design and Research Design of Shanghai crafted CPMAC planes as well as Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing corporation which develops COMAC flights are also on the list.

The last list includes 103 entities whereas, 58 entities are implemented under China, decrease from 89, and 45 are connected to Russia, rise from 28. The Commerce Secretary of the country Wilbur Ross said that the action implements a new procedure to support exporters in screening their customers for end users of military ties. The final list was issued on the website of the Commerce Department on Monday and is scheduled to be published for public survey in the Federal Register on Tuesday.

Releasing the list in decreasing days of Donald Trump administration follow the inclusion of numerous Chinese firms to another trade blacklist of the United States, involving the nation’s leading chipmaker SMIC, and drone manufacturers SZ DJI Technology. According to the news, the government of the United States also has extended growingly worried about the military and civil fusion of the China which is a policy that ultimately aims to establish its military ties and technological implementation in tandem.