Russian ambassador to Sudan caught dead in his own swimming pool

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Aug 2017

Major news gets viral when some celebrity or the ambassador suddenly gets attack. This is the same news about one Russian ambassador. The news says that Russia's ambassador to Sudan caught dead in the swimming pool of his Khartoum home. This news is viral by some of officials.

He is the sixth senior Russian envoy who has died suddenly out of the country from last year's US election.

As this sudden situation has occurred the media had few words with the ministry then the answer was with a statement. The Sudanese foreign minister opens a statement verifying that Mirgayas Shirinsky died at his Karthoum home. He was in his early sixties, but he did not give a reason of death.

The AFP mentioned a police person saying he caught in the swimming pool.

His death is much viral because he comes after a sequence of Russian envoy that has died out of the country.

While one of the morning of the US elections held. The Russian envoy Sergei Krivov who was 63 years old, found lying unaware on the floor with a head injury. This incident took place on the floor of the Russian Consulate in New York. Russian officials later said he had died from a sudden heart attack.

Another incident was in December. Andrey Karlov was 62 years old. He was the Russian ambassador went to Turkey. In Turkey he caught in a shot at his back as he was making a speech at a photo exhibition in the capital city of Ankara.

A man wearing a suit and tie he fired up eight shots and yelled "Allahu akbar" and "We die in Aleppo, you die here".

The third incident was in January. The Russian envoy in Athens, Greece, Andrei Malanin was 55 years old. He found died on the bathroom floor in his own apartment. Cops said Mr. Malanin had showed to have died from natural reason.

Then after a couple a weeks later Alexander Kadakin died. He died after a long illness at the age of 68. It was later in media that he had died from heart failure.

The fourth incident in February, Russia's ambassador went to the UN for more than a decade. Mr. Vitaly Churkin breaks down in his office and died. Postmortem report advised Mr. Churkin died from a heart attack but at the time officers said further examinations were necessary.

The foreign ministry in Moscow told Russia's RIA Novosti state news agency: "We feel sad to declare that on 23 August in Khartoum the Russian envoy went to Sudan, Mr. Shirinsky died." 

Russia's foreign ministry also reposted a tweet from the Russian embassy in Panama showing its pity after the death of Mr. Shirinsky.

Russia's embassy person told the AFP there were signs Mr. Shirinsky had gone through a heart attack.