As trade tensions resurface, American stocks set for a negative open

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Mar 2018

As per the market news, the American stock index future registered sharp decrease ahead of ahead of Monday’s open, because the overseas market losses weighed on sentiment.

At the early morning stock, ET Dow futures slow down 130 points. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures also represents a negative stock open for their respective markets.

In the last previous trading session, Wall Street ended flat to higher, but on the week, the stocks recorded a big loss because of concerns on a potential trade war as well as turmoil within the American administration.

Asian stocks and Europe uploaded losses during their respective trading sessions with treats of a possible trade war.

USA stock set for a negative rolling

Around 45 United States of America trade associations represent some of the greatest companies in the country. They have suggested American president Donald Trump to not impose tariffs on China as it would be harmful to both the consumers of USA and the economy.

Mr. Trump tweeted that, he had urged China for a plan in order to cut down the trade shortage between the America and China, almost by $1 billion dollars.

On Monday, the G 20 financial leaders have meet in Argentina, where the trade will expected to be on the top list of the agenda.

The investors are looking out for Federal Open Market a Committee meeting which is held on Wednesday. It will be headed up by Chair Jerome Powell. The central bank is likely to increase interest rates for the first time this year. The quarterly financial report has been due out today. Oracle & Cheetah Mobile are yet to be announced. Two bills auctions & one bill declaration is considered to be take place on Monday.