U.S based auto market are still unclear about the future

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

The automotive industry has faced more ups and downs. While the clouds of recession were clear in the year 2008. Hence the growth of industry took a rapid fire to come across globally. But still, the developers and researcher team are getting worried about the future. 

Observing the market chart, it shows that the market was down in 2008. But after a period the market stability returned in the year 2015 and 2016. As far as future is concerned all the auto makers are concentrating on hard efforts. So we got the market stability news from a random senior project manager of some famous Automotive Company. He was interacting with the audience in Regional Auto Growth Summit which was held in Lima. While interacting with audiences he told the companies is growing their capacities and there are some symptoms that companies may spread across many regions. These expansions will work with advanced and creative technology and man power.

In addition, he said that upcoming few years will enhance the vehicles with new features like emissions reductions, safety facilities, fuel capacity, connectivity and autonomous ability. While talking about the enhancement he pointed to the profit and loss margins for the company. This profit and loss were describing the sales stability for these few years. After that he mentioned that the vehicles are not just a part to change, even there are some other changes that auto industry needs to make. So these changes are still unclear to auto industry.

Moving towards another unclear part is the electric vehicles. The statics shows that 3.2 percent light cars are in market, but looking at the charts of August 2016 market has 11.9 percent of electric vehicles. This made a fast move in the market. Hence he says the vehicles are of any technology, but they are making profits to the industry. While forecasting the auto industry, it hits that the political confusions in US may harm the motor vehicle demand. On other hand the unemployment ratio has fallen down. Hence it is difficult to forecast the future about auto industry.