Unclear Venezuela assembly takes parliament's powers

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Aug 2017

Parliament has disapproval the action. President Maduro says the new assembly will end political fight. Hence many say it is a slide towards single party rule. While Colombia says the past chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz has went in the Bogota. Mrs. Ortega said she is panic for her life after being kicked out by the new assembly.

Once a stop supporter of President Maduro, she become a strong opposition of his socialist government in recent months. Her position had not known by following her discharge on 5 August.


On Friday Mrs. Ortega had a talk about regional meeting through videophone. Hence in meeting she had proofs that Mr. Maduro was having involvement in an illegal scam. Thus he is involving the Brazilian building company in Odebrecht.

Odebrecht has acceptance of paying illegally to win contracts in 12 countries. Hence no Venezuelans have been naming.

The Venezuelan parliament said public and the international community would not identify the constituent assembly's new powers.

The head of the OAS Luis Almagro called the action an "illegal ending" of the elected parliament.

Regional commercial bloc Mercosur, it includes the region's two biggest commercials Brazil and Argentina. Hence, it does result out the action.

Mercosur hanged Venezuela early in this month. Hence it was for urging Mr. Maduro to release prisoners and begin a political transition.

The heads of the parliament and the new assembly have been abusing on social media each other.

Parliament head Julio Borges blamed the new assembly of a "coup". Thus new assembly head Delcy Rodriguez is close in support of Mr Maduro - criticize his "lies".

Mr. Maduro's wife and son are among the 545 members of the new assembly. Thus it was set up following a troublesome election earlier this month.

More than 120 people have died in cruel disapproval's since April.

The president's oppositions want to hold a vote to remove him. Hence he was blaming his left-wing management for food shortages and high increase in the oil-rich country.

What is the new body?

Constituent meetings are set up for the special planning. Thus even it can change how a country is running.

Venezuela has seen wave of cruel complains. Hence, Mr Maduro presented the assembly as a way of promoting "resolution and peace".

In the new body Delcy Rodriguez, is president. He was a supporter of Mr Maduro and past foreign minister. Hence the election for constituent assembly spoiled by cruelly and charges of scam.

Venezuela's officers said 41.5% of the public voted. Hence a figure the company that provided by the voting system said.

The US has opposed a ban on trade on Mr Maduro. The European Union and Latin American nations say they will not know the new body.

Mr. Maduro continues a major support in Russia. Hence it has the support of several left-wing nations in the Americas.