US economy loses steam due to imports surge

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Feb 2018

On Friday, the Commerce Department revealed that the economic growth of the United States of America slowed down unexpectedly to an assumed rate of around 2.6 % in the previous three months of the year 2017.

Many economists had even expected the rate to be about 3 % which was the same as the 3 three months to the September.

A surge in an American imports was blamed for the fall down, that meant growth for 2017 observed to be 2.3 %. It was considered to be much better than the 1.5 % came in 2016, but its lower than US President Donald Trump’s 3% target.

Imports discharged by nearly 13.9% in the quarter which is the fastest pace since the 3rd quarter of 2010 that offsetting an improvement in exports.

American economy outrun steam as imports rise

As a result, the trade increased 1.1 % points from the growth of GDP in the three months. Despite decline, the economists expect that the American economy is likely to expand by 3% in 2018, urged by the weak dollar, a strong global economy as well as rising oil prices.

Instead of using the assumed figures which published by the American Bureau of Economic Affairs, it considers the simple quarterly growth numbers, the loss is just 0.2 % & the miss as compared to actual expectations only half of that.

One of the major reasons for the highly minimum figure is companies reducing their inventories and selling off good which they have already made. They cannot produced that forever. Manufactures will have to begin replenishing their stocks very soon or later.

The positive point in the figures was a strong upswing in business investment. Mr. Donald Trump stated that today, the world is witnessing the resurgence of a great and prosperous USA.