Walt Disney Plans For The Better Reach

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Nov 2017

Walt Disney recently announced its plan to make three more Star Wars movies which will be directed by Rian Johnson. Rian Johnson has already directed the upcoming movie from the Star Wars series named, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi".

Apart from this, to tackle the newly rose online market, Disney is working on a live action STar Wars series for its online streaming channel which will be launched in the year 2019l. These new announcements are helping to nullify the negative impact of the fall in profit of Disney which was around 4%. Plus, it has plans to introduce a sports centered app in the market in coming spring.

Its shares fell in after-hours trading the result of its profit & loss was revealed, but then they went 1% higher after the news of the new Star Wars movies.

The authorised official of Disney informed that Disney’s aim is to have a majestic position in the space where it would be able to serve the consumers directly (online Media). He refused to comment anything on the topic of talks it had with 21st Century Fox.

Star Wars is the series of movie started in the year 1977. Since then it has got the popularity in the children and adult consumers, equally.