Water and Electricity generation from seawater

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Sep 2017

Technology is getting crucial to human beings. New and advance technologies are leading the world. People can now stay without food but they cannot leave without new inventions. This leading of technology is increasing day by day. The invention in science is much more interesting than any gadget experiment. Hence the invention of new techniques is running around the minds of the scientist. The scientist has come up with new solutions for fresh water and electricity. The uniqueness of this invention is that the freshwater and electricity will be directly produced by seawater.

The renewable resources have much way to create energies. Till now the people are familiar with the tidal and wave energy conversion for producing energies. But it was really tough to convert a salinity water into freshwater.

Hold on, scientists at Huazhong University of Science and Technology has proved the difference and converted the slated water into freshwater. They have introduced the new technique, were a device holding a light absorbing filter paper changed with carbon nanotubes on the top of an ion-selective membrane, which floats on the water surface.

The device also needs couple of solar energy. Due to solar energy, the panel from the device gets heat. Hence the seawater turns into water vapor. This water vapor is purely freshwater. This process has selectively two parts. Firstly that it converts the water into water vapor. Another is the electrodes that have positives charges; they lead it to create some current and electric power. This makes the device compatible to both parts.

Such process of water conversion will make a very good renewable energy which will stay for a long time. Producing the energy from renewable sources is a great thing. People will now make the use of much water with adequate water supply. Thus the device is much powerful and easy while comparing with solar panels that produce solar heating power.