World stocks re-form with upswing in metals prices

Published: Wilson Clark

On: Jan 2018

On Thursday, world stocks registered higher in light holiday trading that moving to acquire record levels as rising commodities prices indicated to a great finish to the year for risk assets.

The world equality index of MSCI which has been tracking shares in almost 47 countries has now returned more than 24 % in this ongoing year with the inclusion of dividends as well as looking forward to set a record 14th month of gains, where the index added 0.26 % on Thursday.

While, the American stocks closed at higher note, even as a slowdown dollar suggested remaining doubts about the upward market trajectory. The Dow Jones industrial average up to 63.21 points or 0.26 % to 24,837.51, and the S&P 500 rose 4.92 points or 0.18% to 2,687.54. The Nasdaq Composite inserted 10.82 points or 0.16 % to 6,950.16.

Equity markets have dependant on a global economic growth recovery and accommodative monetary policy too in the year 2017, which has lifted company earnings & commodity prices.

World stocks reassemble along with the metal prices growth

The chief market strategist at Natixis investment managers, David Lafferty said that, the global economy continues to swing along and as there are many risk factors out there, none of them seem to matter at all.

The metal rose to 0.64 % to $7,286.50 a tonne, while copper futures were at new 4 year highs for an annual gain topping 30%.

One of the analysis at London Capital Group said in a statement that, “Commodities are driving trade in the last few days of 2017.” Dr. Copper is telling that we could be in for a strong 2018, “they further told we are referring to the industrial reputation of metal for diagnosing economics conditions. But the American dollar appears to be reaching to a different conclusion.