President marks foreign workers with new visas


On: Jun 2020

The United States president Donald Trump has recently extended a stoppage on some green cards as well as canceled visas for other overseas workers until the end of 2020. Highly intelligent tech employees, top executives, and non-agricultural seasonal helpers will be impacted. The White House said that this move will generate jobs for the people of the United States hurting economically because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But critics said that the White House is manipulating the virus to tighten up immigration legislation. The administration of Donald Trump said that the freeze, take place through the end of this year, would affect around 525,000 people. That contains an estimated 170,000 overseas workers and other people banned by the decision to expand a restriction on some new green cards which grants mandatory residence to overseas workers. 

The White House first declared it was stopping those visas in April, which had been set to expire soon.  The existing visa holders are not anticipated to be impacted under the new laws declared on Monday. The order also applicable to H-1B visas, which are mostly granted to Indian tech employees. The order will cancel most H-2B visas for seasonal employees, involving those in the hospitality sector, except those in agriculture industry, the food processing sector and medical professionals.