Technical giant threats foreign employer crackdown


On: Aug 2020

Some of the biggest tech companies of the United States supported a challenge to the country’s president Donald Trump’s limitations on foreign employers. Amazon, Facebook and Apple are among the firms arguing that the non-permanent visa bans will hamper the US companies. Mr. Donald Trump imposed limitations on some foreign employees to secure jobs for Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of those impacted by the measures are tech employees from India.

Twitter, Netflix, Microsoft and other big tech companies also supported the rule, which was filed previous month by the major United States business associations. Those industry groups involved the National Association of Manufacturers, which showcases 14,000 companies and USA’s largest business association. The visa restrictions, which were declared in June will hamper American businesses.

The tech companies said that the US president’s proclamation was relied on a false assumption that it would safeguard US jobs as it would indicate that they may have to employ individual in other nations. The worldwide competitors in China, India and Canada among others are looking at the opportunity to attract innovative and well-trained individuals.

And US businesses are scrambling to adjust, recruiting required talent to operate in locations outside the borders of the nation. The firms also explained that it could do irreparable harm to the United States businesses, employees and further damage the already struggling American economy.